WeldPro’s skilled shop staff is available to custom design and manufacture various dampers to suit the needs of each specific project. We custom design and fabricate many different damper types for a variety of needs. Depending on the process, our construction materials vary from mild steel to stainless steel, with design options available for high temperature or pressure applications. Often used in dust collection and other air movement applications, we custom design and build dampers that stand up to the grueling industrial environment. In addition to various flange and frame configurations, we also offer multiple blade, seal, bearing and actuator types. All dampers are routed through a series of tests to assure proper performance, a quality assurance document accompanies all equipment orders. High temperature and pressure are no match for WeldPro’s damper design.


Heavy duty industrial grade butterfly dampers are custom designed for use in high temperature and pressure applications where special flanges and other custom features are required. We offer various shape and size options, from round to rectangular, our butterfly dampers offer manual, electrical or pneumatic control options. Flange size and drilling is to customer specifications. Designs and material options are available for operating temperatures up to 2000° F and differential pressures to 6 PSI.


We custom design our slide gate dampers to suit your particular application. Our rugged, heavy-duty designs are available in sizes from 4 to 96 inches. Used in a wide variety of applications, the slide gate dampers are available in round or rectangular design and are offered in various construction material options. No one standard design is suitable for all applications. After a thorough review of your requirements, we select the best combination of our field-proven features and configurations to provide you with the most reliable, economical solution to your isolation problems. Listed below are the most common features and options from which selections can be made. We specialize in custom designs for unusual or severe duty applications.


This style of damper allows the customer to divert their air stream to the atmosphere or other process streams and our quality fabrication ensures reliability. There are many styles and custom combinations available to meet your application requirements.

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